Friday, 19 December 2008

Top British Comic Creator Praises Ex Astris

Ex Astris: HOmecomingIn these days of media overload you sometimes miss something important, and in our case we completely missed a review of the Ex Astris strip that featured in the UK comics magazine Bulletproof #2, released earlier this year.

Over on his brilliant Blimey! It's Another Blog About Comics, cartoonist and writer Lew Stringer reviewed Bulletproof #2 at the end of November and was generous in his praise for the strip.

Noting publisher Matt Yeo's new British adventure anthology is "a rarity these days so it's good to see the second issue of Bulletproof finally appear", he offered high praise for many of the strips in the issue, arguing "the strength of Bulletproof is that it uses both new creators and established professionals. It's always good to see new talent emerging and it'll be interesting to see them develop.

Of Ex Astris, Lew wrote: "This CGI strip is my personal favourite in the issue. The computer generated art is very professsional and impressive, and John's script is tight and well told. (Readers may also be aware that a different Ex Astris adventure, also by Freeman and Nicoll, has just started running in Spaceship Away, - another UK adventure comic worth your money.)"

Coming from a British comics professional of such high standing, whose credits range from the much-loved Combat Colin to Sonic the Hedgehog and who currently draws strips for TOXIC and The Beano, this is high praise indeed for the strip. Our belated thanks to Lew for his kind words.

Bulletproof #2"All in all, Bulletproof is an interesting package and I'm looking forward to future issues," says Lew of the magazine.

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