Tuesday, 18 November 2008

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Ex Astris Writer Interviewed

John Freeman, keeper of downthetubes.net and writer of Ex Astris, was recently interviewed by his local paper, the Morecambe Visitor, who did British comics proud with a two page spread.

John reports how Ex Astris has already attracted high acclaim from comic insiders with Doctor Who comic artist John Ridgway even suggesting it should be a TV series.

"Ex Astris reflects my love of the kind of sci-fi space adventures I grew up reading," explains John.

"I was a sucker for the work of Asimov, EE Doc Smith, Robert Heinlein and others, the kind of sci-fi I'd say Charles Stross and others are continuing to this day."

John's also reveals his partnership with artist Mike Nicoll is an unconventional one, because writer and artist have never actually met in person.

"Everything these days is done by e-mail and telephone," explains John.

• You can read the interview "Comic Book Heroes are Fighting Back" online.